both Cardigans

Established in 2016, Parisian luxury footwear label both emphasizes the creative potential of rubber in its avant-garde imagining of timeless classics. Guided by the aesthetic belief of showcasing beauty in balance, both’s rotating roster of collaborators blend traditional naturally-occuring materials with contemporary production methods, offering a modernized construal of utilitarian aesthetics. A selection of international collaborators have helped bring this project to life, the label masterfully shapes the natural plasticity of the polymer to its desire, demonstrating technical innovation and expert craftsmanship in its streamlined designs. Sourcing the natural polymer from rubber trees in Southeast Asia, the raw material is then flattened and vulcanized to be manipulated into both’s signature uppers, resulting in durable footwear with a strong identity. Garnering notability with the much-hyped Gao Runners, both continues to illustrate its thought-provoking expression of balance in experimental variants and colorways.

There are currently no products available for both Cardigans.

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