Word Art

Word Art


One word can be all it takes. When Johan Lindeberg decided to introduce prints in BLK DNM’s Spring collection, he turned to a fellow Scandinavian transplant to the Lower East Side: Norwegian artist Gardar Eide Einarsson. T-shirts, dresses, and Perfecto jackets feature his minimalist statements of political engagement and rebellion. The counterculture themes of Einarsson’s work – graffiti, Lee Harvey Oswald, Dirty Harry – are a fitting match for Lindeberg’s line of urban basics. Both equally indebted to minimalism and a rock and roll attitude, they question authority without having to scream it.

Punk equals liberty plus minimalism plus passion.

Jensen Sportag

Smooth jazz may seem worlds away from the musical tradition of Nashville, Tennessee, but it’s what drew Austin Wilkinson and Elvis Craig of Jensen Sportag together. Childhood friends who grew up on neighboring farms North of the country music mecca, the pair reconnected over 80s adult contemporary and R&B. But their advanced production skills lead to a sound that’s far from a throwback. 2011’s Pure Wet EP and 2013’s Stealth of Days full-length, both released on Cascine Records, showcase the duo’s signature mix of classic R&B samples and psychedelic production. Their addition of electronic beats and a hazy wall of sound has attracted remixes by Fennesz and Obey City, and it makes for an engaging, yet easy, listen.

Jensen Sportag’s mix overlays their signature chill mood with intricate beats, interspersing edits of Al Jarreau, Tevo Howard, and Ghost Mutt with their own compositions and tracks by Cashmere Cat, Bohdi, and Dunes.


The Drum /sys

Illum sphere feat. Shadowbox Embryonic

Al Jarreau Pleasure Over Pain (Sportag Edit)

Tevo Howard The Age of Compassion (Sportag Edit)

Dane Chadwick Vowels

Cashmere Cat Kiss Kiss (Canblaster remix)

Bodhi No More

Herr Johann Vibrations (Seapoint Deep Wub Remix)

Atom tm Pop HD

Jensen Sportag Everything Good (160bpm Floating Mix)

Clara la San XXX

Wish feat. Fonda Rae Touch Me

Mite & Ewalk Body Tap

Applebottom (medley) All Night / Taking My Place

Dunes U Know How

Ghost Mutt Only One (Sportag Edit)

Lil T's Come Back To Me

MC 900ft Jesus Gracias Pepe

Jensen Sportag Float Your Own Boat