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Raf Simons x Sterling Ruby Fall 14

Who: Belgian designer Raf Simons, known for fusions of utilitarian minimalism and the energy of youth culture. Los Angeles contemporary artist Sterling Ruby, who takes on themes ranging from urban graffiti and and the prison system to aberrant psychology and empire in his monumentally raw collages and sculptures.

A greatest-hits megamix of both artists' catalogues. Their shared teenage passion for punk counterculture led them to conceive the collection around their memories of sewing band patches on their jackets. So the bleach splatters, textile swatches, and cryptic text of Ruby's collages adorn Simons’ precision sportswear: grunge knits, arresting graphic tees, futuristic sneakers.

Somewhere in between Antwerp, Los Angeles, and two teenage bedrooms plastered in Black Flag and Kraftwerk posters.

When: Nine years ago, when Simons first met Ruby while buying a piece of his artwork. The friendship and shared aesthetic that's developed since culminates in the Raf Simons brand ceasing to exist for a season; instead, it's Raf Simons x Sterling Ruby for Fall 14.

Why: The pair aimed to take the artist/designer collaboration to its next level. By combining their visual languages, they transform nostalgia into a love letter to the D.I.Y. ethic