The World of Comme des Garçons

Body of Work and Works of Art

Behind every empire is a singular vision. Over 40-plus years of Comme des Garçons collections, Rei Kawakubo’s avant-garde experiments have grown to encompass an army of brands. There’s her main women’s collection: unsettling volumes and a violent color scheme for Spring 15. Men’s line Homme Plus deconstructs military dress into an anti-war statement. And the basics: exercises in proportion and recombination from Comme des Garçons Shirt. For twisted takes on schoolgirl tropes, Comme des Garçons Girl. Greatest hits line Comme des Garçons Comme des Garçons supplies the offbeat signature styles.

A gallery devoted to the art of discovery makes an ideal setting for Kawakubo’s work. New York’s Chamber gallery “takes the Renaissance-era ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ as its inspiration,” says founder Juan Garcia Mosqueda. “The gallery aims to be a 21st century reliquary for unusual objects, as well as a platform for design experimentation.” A collection of artworks curated by Dutch-Belgian atelier Studio Job share Chamber’s unique space with adventurous styles from the Comme des Garçons family.