On Tour With Majid Jordan

The Toronto Duo Take Us Inside Their SSENSE-Styled Summer Festival Run

Interview & Styling: Romany Williams
Photography: Norman Wong

Governors Ball
FYF Festival
Lollapalooza & Osheaga


Majid Jordan are the new romantics. Sitting by the pool at their Airbnb in Palm Springs, they sound oddly serene for two people who are about to play to one of the biggest festival crowds in North America. “We have our own community of friends that travel with us,” says Majid. “They’re co-workers and a support system everywhere we go.” Trust and mutual respect keep them balanced with their crew and connected to their dedicated fanbase. We last caught up with the duo in 2016 just after they released their debut, self-titled album. This time around, they’re busy with a summer festival run taking them from Mexico to Montreal. They approach every live show intuitively, taking cues from one another in a constant exploration and reinterpretation of their current material. Styled by SSENSE, follow along as Majid Jordan welcome us into their world. First stop: Coachella. 

We feel great. Coming from Mexico we have a whole new live set up and a whole new approach to our live show. We’re super excited to share it. 

— Jordan Ullman

Everywhere we go our eyes are open. We’re so ready to be inspired and willing to put ourselves in new positions. — Majid Al Maskati

We’re pushing ourselves right now, just so we can show people more.
We’ve made an improvement, a progression. 
— Jordan

I think environments can definitely inspire and infiltrate your thought process. Being in Mexico City and then coming to California, there’s such a difference in the people, the culture, and the lifestyle. — Majid

I’m falling more in love with our older shit every day just because of how we’re approaching the live show. A lot of what people are seeing up there is very much improv, it’s me and Maj reading each other and feeling each other, having transitions that evoke different emotions. — Jordan

We have our own community of friends that travel with us, they’re co-workers and a support system everywhere we go. We each know our role, we share a lot of the responsibility. We try to be as fair as possible, to take care of one another and hear each other out. Jordan and I have shared that idea from the start. We want to get better for each other. The fact that we get to share these moments together makes it even more worthwhile. Like we’re at Coachella right now but we’re chilling by the pool with our homies, we’re not anywhere else. It’s the same world we had in Toronto, just in Palm Springs. — Majid

    Interview & Styling: Romany Williams

    Photography: Norman Wong
    Special thanks to Majid Jordan’s Creative Director Jamie Webster

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