Here, Now:

Maison Margiela Fine Jewelry

Who: The anonymous design team behind Maison Margiela presents its Héritage fine jewelry collection. In the tradition of the Maison’s reclusive founder and masked runway models, anonymity enables possibility: intellectual inquiry, openness, and mystery.

It’s with the same unrestrictive approach that they reexamine the codes of diamonds, gold, and sapphires. Who’s wearing them? Who’s giving them to who? The answer is anyone and everyone: male, female, single, engaged.

What: Fine jewelry removed from its constraints. The Maison takes on symbols of love and heritage and revisits them with a contemporary twist, embodying the freedom of the present moment while drawing on the sentiments of tradition.

So a classic engagement ring emerges bisected into two .5k half-moon diamonds: perhaps a celebration of an unorthodox history, or a new beginning. Wedding bands in 18k white and yellow gold are twisted into unclosed circles: a story still in progress. Blue sapphire Pompadour rings edged in diamonds are deconstructed, moving across two fingers or onto tiered pendants: retrofitted heirlooms. A sterling silver signet ring split down the middle becomes a modern family crest. The forms are simple, but their meanings complex and endless.

A statement from the Maison says it best: “These jewels defy the norm, re-orient the gaze and step off the pedestal while asserting the uniqueness of each union, the specialness of every bond. They narrate their own story.”

Where: As always, the Maison operates from its Paris ateliers. Sub-collection names taken from gemological terminology reference its home country: Chevalière, Pompadour, Alliance, Solitaire.

When: 2014 marks the debut of the Héritage collection, with the intention that all pieces will endure in perpetuity. Concepts of lineage inspire futurism. Whether they’re modern coats of arms or future family jewels, these are heirlooms for a contemporary world.

Why: Romance and relationships are no longer traditional – if they ever were. The rules have been rewritten. Why should jewelry of the most symbolic kind stay stuck in the past?

It’s not only fitting for the times, but fitting that a label with transformation at its heart like Maison Martin Margiela presents a new vision of luxury and longevity. When a piece of jewelry is a gesture and a poetic act, why not rewrite the narrative – into one with as much ambiguity, drama, and individuality as any love story.