The Hotter the Hoodie, the Closer to God

Gucci, Balenciaga, and Sacai

    A hoodie is the holy staple—Protection from the elements? A stand-in beanie? A pocket for your thoughts? An everyday necessity? Thank god we’ve got a selection that’s diverse enough to match all the different (and everlasting) reasons a hoodie is this season’s go-to.

    Featured In This Image: Balenciaga hoodie.

    The classic grey hoodie now comes in Balenciaga.

    Featured In This Image: Loewe hoodie.

    Ever the champion of art and craft, J.W. Anderson lends his aesthetic inclinations to this Loewe hoodie—for pondering morality, the natural world, and the meaning of life itself, cozy up in this The Lord of the Flies offering.

    Featured In This Image: Noah hoodie.

    Historically meant to signify an impending attack, here Jolly Roger is benevolent—unless you’re planning on coming on strong with style.

    Featured In This Image: Sacai hoodie.

    If you wish to lament the demise of what was once a great rug a la Dude from The Big Lebowski, Sacai has got you covered. An obscure reference translates to an expansive mind.

    Featured In This Image: Helmut Lang hoodie.

    Sometimes luxury feels a little too polished—let loose with some splatters of paint, for the look of utilitarian leisure.

    Featured In This Image: Eckhaus Latta hoodie.

    You can’t really wear a Mondrian but you can get close. Opt for an earthier palette, with tones of mustard, cream, and black, for that geometric LA-feel only from Eckhaus Latta.

    Featured In This Image: Gucci hoodie.

    Gucci’s “House of Love” chenille hoodie is equal parts regal and comfortable, but if you can’t get down with love, you can forget about getting cozy. Sine Amore Nihil—without love, nothing.

    • Date: February 4, 2020