Los Angeles Rumours

Photographers Sean + Seng Paint the Emotional Landscape for the City of Angels
Most iconic cities are mysteries in familiar clothing. We celebrate their respective ciphers, beyond which we know little else. There’s a certain allure to pictures made by a visitor in Los Angeles. The ostensibly classic tropes—skateboarding, palm trees, Venice Beach, the view from Beverly Hills—always reveal previously unacknowledged details. Sean + Seng pass through LA with a troupe of sun-kissed teens, capturing the city’s emphasized features, as well as its subtle minutiae.
  • Photography: Sean + Seng
    Casting Director: Larissa Gunn
    Groomer: Sydney Sollod / The Wall Group
    Producer: Tallulah Bernard / Rosco Production
    Models: Aidan Dare, Madame Kush, Matty Morbid, Chase Whitlow, Maya, Angelo, Raven