Las Pozas: Enter the Surreal Garden

Exploring Edward James's Garden of Sculptures in the Mexican Rainforest with Max Luz and Maria Osado

  • Photography: Max Luz

"A great number of people are surrealists without ever having heard of the movement," said Edward James in a 1978 documentary about his life. Here at his surrealist paradise, Las Pozas, more than 2,000 feet above sea level in the mountains of Mexico, concrete towers lined with spiralling steps emerge from the canopy, twisting and reaching like the vines of an orchid. James, a British aristocrat and poet, was a restless spirit constantly seeking the fantastic and the bizarre. He played a pivotal role in the surrealist art movement of the 1920s and 30s, amassing one of the largest personal collections of surreal art in the world and counting Salvador Dali as a personal friend. Filmmaker and photographer Max Luz and casting director and model Maria Osado travel to Las Pozas for SSENSE, to immerse themselves in the surreal and get in touch with the infinite. "If I'm a surrealist," continued James in his documentary, "it's not because I got linked with the movement, it's because I was born one."

  • Photography: Max Luz
  • Photography Assistant: Agata Ferrando
  • Styling: Aldair Teuffer
  • Model: Maria Osado
  • Hair and Makeup: Adrian Gonzalez Carmona
  • Location: Edward James Sculptural Garden, Las Pozas, Fundacion Pedro Y Elena Hernandez