Grace Wales Bonner: Portrait of a Muse

Buffalo Collective Co-Founder Jamie Morgan Brings Wales Bonner's Spring/Summer 2016 Collection to Life with Her Muse King Owusu

  • Photography: Jamie Morgan

In a short film commissioned by SSENSE, two generations of London creatives come together to celebrate the eternal power of the muse. Photographer and filmmaker Jamie Morgan brings the fusion of street fashion and studio portraiture he pioneered as a co-founder of the legendary Buffalo Collective into the richly layered world of menswear designer Grace Wales Bonner.

Here, Wales Bonner art directs a video portrait of King Owusu, her model and muse, embodying the spirit of her Spring/Summer 2016 “Malik” collection. Inspired by the story of Malik Ambar, a 16th-century Ethiopian slave who became a military ruler in western India, the collection’s mix of retro tailored denim, white linens and silks, and embellished velvets speaks to a history of cultural exchange between Africa and India. It is the latest chapter in Wales Bonner’s mission to show multifaceted visions of masculinity and blackness in contemporary London and beyond. Owusu is the connector whose regal presence bridges past and present, inspiration and reality. It is a testament to the power of attitude.

  • Photography: Jamie Morgan
  • Styling: Joyce Sze Ng
  • Model: King Owusu