Croatian Brutalism with Balenciaga, Martine Rose, and Gosha Rubchinskiy

Danko & Ana Steiner Revisit Their Roots

    Plants exploit cracks and fissures in concrete in order to reach the fertile soils below, or the sunlight above. It all depends where the seed is sewn. In Zagreb, Croatia, a post-war communist Brutalist building complex features a utopic, elevated terrace. Pear trees, roses, apricots and daisies flourish against the stark concrete surrounding them. For his latest SSENSE editorial, Danko Steiner returns to his roots in this Croatian city. With Martine Rose, Balenciaga and Gosha Rubchinskiy, Danko and Ana Steiner pay homage to their 90s adolescence—calling on the aesthetics so reminiscent of the era in which they began to thrive. A bloom, after all, is only as resilient as its roots.

    • Photography: Danko Steiner
    • Styling: Ana Steiner
    • Model: Elijah Jackson