Royal College of Art alumnus Kanghyuk Choi and Sanglak Shon launched his ambitious namesake label in Spring 2017. The young South Korean designers' unique line of conceptually-driven ready-to-wear imparts deeper meaning to the term utilitarian by using deployed vehicular airbags in its fabrication. Painstakingly deconstructed and reassembled, the heavy-duty materials take on new life as everyday outerwear, shirts, and trousers, protecting the body from the elements in an echo of their former function. Stark serial numbers and bold contrasting thread run through the collection, providing visual unification to each piece, while unexpected mesh construction and sportswear-inspired elements ensure that the brand's unorthodox offerings do not veer too earnestly into the dystopic. By recasting meticulously-tailored wardrobe essentials in discarded technical fabrics, they communicate a highly personal design statement that is one part unconventional sophistication, one part post-apocalyptic ingenuity.

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