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Following the unequivocal success of their initial 2014 launch, New York City-based fashion and lifestyle brand Aimé Leon Dore has continued to expand their expertise in fresh yet timeless design. Drawing largely on founder Teddy Santis’ nostalgic memories of growing up in Queens, the label owes its signature high-low blend of urban and tailored essentials to the cultural confluence of the borough from which it sprung. With influences ranging from graffiti kids to basketball stars, well-considered details and unusual combinations put a novel spin on menswear favorites. Trench coats and bombers layered with streetwear staples like hoodies and t-shirts result in an unexpectedly elevated aesthetic, utility jackets and colorblocked windbreakers deliver refined utilitarian appeal.

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Aimé Leon Dore - Green Woolrich Edition Plaid Shirt

Aimé Leon Dore

Green Woolrich Edition Plaid Shirt