Gil Rodriguez

The omnipresent basic is something born of need, that always has a place in your wardrobe; it complements everything and its arresting simplicity enables it to be freely worn on its own. In offering an unplaceable constellation of made-in-Los Angeles essentials, Eliana Gil Rodriguez’s namesake label takes spiritual cues from her formative decade-long stint at the first incarnation of American Apparel. Centered around a swimsuit that wouldn’t be out of place on a billboard facing a bustling city square, the collection preemptively avoids any opportunistic reinvention of its finite facets—bodysuit, matching hoodie and lounge pants, t-shirt, shorts, leggings, tank top, even a cape—by the distinct absence of excess detailing or branding. The lack of easily identifiable markers feeds into the designer’s conviction that a degree of separation from the social media hype bubble is ultimately a source of strength and authenticity. In seeking to separate herself from the frenetic tempo of high-frequency fashion, Gil Rodriguez moves beyond the interchangeable to create the irreplaceable.