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Spearheaded by New York-based designer Hillary Taymour, Collina Strada seeks out new dimensions from womenswear’s here-and-now in a streamlined display of aesthetic finesse. Though distinguished by its ability to add thought-provoking constructional twists to commonplace wardrobe staples such as t-shirts and hoodies, a rebellious undercurrent spirits the label in the form of hardware accents and subtly decadent flourishes. Satin slip dresses and faux-kidskin skirts coalesce with tie-dye jersey pieces, in a playful clash of opulent and slouchy silhouettes. In spite of its distinct design approach, the label promotes the ways in which its garments can be integrated into a vast multitude of outfitting contexts, cementing an effortless integration into myriad wardrobes. Underlying Collina Strada’s definitive ready-to-wear point of view is a diligent social conscience, consistently using its platform as a means of raising awareness towards social injustice, as instanced in a string of convention-shattering runway outings. A through line of simultaneously unfussy yet conceptually challenging everyday pieces establish Collina Strada as a label fit to redefine the parameters of contemporary womenswear.

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Collina Strada - Blue Wave Puffer Jacket

Collina Strada

Blue Wave Puffer Jacket

$948.75 $465