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After meeting in Paris as design students in 1993, co-founders Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaag set the foundation for their interdisciplinary brand Bless in 1995. The label gained international attention in 1997 when its first product, the N°00 fur wig, was featured in Maison Margiela’s Fall/Winter runway show. Ever since, Heiss and Kaag have perpetuated their out-of-the-box production, growing Bless into a multifaceted, lifestyle-minded luxury brand. Based in Paris and Berlin, Bless delivers a thoughtful line of womenswear, accessories, and home decor that at once celebrates and interrogates the realms of materiality and luxury. Simple linen tops, wool jackets, and leather footwear are injected with unorthodox details and structured shapes, giving them a playful, confident aesthetic.

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Bless - Black Big Hairbrush


Black Big Hairbrush

$354.2 $202

Bless - Beige Big Hairbrush


Beige Big Hairbrush

$354.2 $213

Bless - Multicolor Europe Blanket


Multicolor Europe Blanket

$676.78 $393