Bianca Chandon T-Shirts

With the desire to meld the realms of skateboarding and high fashion, pro-skater Alex Olson launched streetwear label Bianca Chandon in 2014. The brand’s moniker a reference to both Studio 54 socialite Bianca Jagger, and French race car driver and heir to the Moët et Chandon empire Olivier Chandon de Brailles, indeed, its womenswear apparel culls much of its inspiration from the attitude and revelry of 70s subculture. Apart from raucous 70’s New York clubs and the fitted outfits of golden-age California skaters, Olson’s label looks towards the ‘anti-fashion’ aesthetics of early 90’s avantgardist fashion magazines and late 80’s voguing culture, bringing about a unique amalgam of styles. Seasonal drops feature the label’s signature typography-emblazoned streetwear in exclusive low-number runs. Tongue-in-cheek graphic and ‘read-me’ caps, hoodies, t-shirts, lounge pants, accessories, and skateboards conform to Olson’s maxim that, in skateboarding as in fashion, style is ultimately what wins the competition.

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