Áeron Mid Length Skirts

As a child, Eszter Áron accompanied her mother, a draper by trade, on trips to textile trade shows on both sides of the Iron Curtain; this early repeated exposure to a kaleidoscopic variety of woven and knit fabrics planted a notion that, decades later, would sprout into Áeron, a womenswear line based in Budapest that exudes a vibrant elegance across all modes of formality. To this end, seasonal colors variously possess both vivacious cheer and cool sobriety. An insistence on quality in materials and fabrication techniques recalls the generations of tailors that preceded Áron, while playful modifications of classic detailing coalesce into tasteful silhouettes that resonate with an immediacy untarnished by any tendency towards the modish. In Áeron, Áron seeks to symbolize the unabashed femininity and sophistication that her mother embodied, and to provide an aesthetically robust backdrop upon which the confidence to stand apart can find firm footing.

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Áeron - Black Nola Wrap Button Skirt


Black Nola Wrap Button Skirt

$405.35 $365

Áeron - Purple Nola Wrap Skirt


Purple Nola Wrap Skirt

$405.35 $312