Alexander McQueen Tall Boots

Keeping in line with the unfaltering vision of its late namesake, the Sarah Burton-helmed incarnation of the Alexander McQueen label furthers a diaristic approach to design that is both impenetrable and alluring. Preserving the element of spectacle that is a mainstay of the label’s modus operandi, McQueen translate temporal and geographical specificity into stately womenswear, with regal accents striking a balance against delicate reinterpretations of the label’s recognizable morbid signifiers. In spite of shouldering the inherent tragedy embedded in the legacy that it is carrying on, an unbridled romanticism nonetheless looms over the McQueen line, culling from the natural world while abating its fatalistic leanings. Coalescing a deep-seated knowledge of bespoke British tailoring with the workmanship of a French haute couture atelier and the impeccable finish of Italian manufacturing, the Alexander McQueen label’s uncompromising dedication to satisfying its muse continues to foster emotionally rousing results.

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Alexander McQueen - Black Metal Bar Moccasin High Boots

Alexander McQueen

Black Metal Bar Moccasin High Boots