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Founded in 2008 by Shanguan Zhe, Sankuanz represents the beginning of a new era in Chinese design and menswear. Citing influence from a myriad of forces such as youth culture, fine art, as well as music, the Xiamen-based brand continues to establish itself as a force through an uncovering of deeper and grander themes. Militaristically-charged garments feature dystopian undertones to produce an effect that is overtly utilitarian: within sight yet difficult to completely grasp. However, refusing to be pigeon-holed, Sankuanz exuberantly defies expectation by also pursuing themes and silhouettes that tend to reside under the umbrella term of traditionalism. This dichotomy within the brand's output portrays them as unpredictable, but it is in this very same vein of polarity that the true underlying harmony throughout the brand's design can rise to the surface. A visible and tactile contrast in fabrications and a curious implementation of industrial materials result in a dreamlike deviation from the design of contemporaries; Shanguan Zhe continues to push a spirit of innovation within the scope of Chinese menswear, and through this has successfully cultivated a label that confidently stands on its own.

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Sankuanz - Silver Chain Link Necklace


Silver Chain Link Necklace