Polythene* Optics

A sister label to A-Cold-Wall*, Polythene* Optics sees London-based designer Samuel Ross bring his intense and concise fashion philosophy to a more graphically inclined, brash, and reactionary new aesthetic. With a stated goal of existing in multiple domains of the fashion community, the new venture is a nod to the fast and massive growth in popularity A-Cold-Wall* has enjoyed, and with it the label’s maturation in offerings and diversification into increasingly dynamic sub-lines. With that said, Polythene* Optics can in many ways be viewed as a return to the aesthetic roots of A-Cold-Wall*, with its sharp and straightforward designs driving with the hunger one might associate with the British streetwear label’s upstart days. The new label’s line of instant-classic ready-to-wear and accessories feature typographic ingenuity juxtaposed with tactile, textured graphic flourishes. Pops of crimson colors on monochromatic t-shirts, sweatshirts, and zip-up jackets go in for Ross’ unmistakable loud minimalism, bringing fresh game to his conceptual practice.

There are currently no products available for Polythene* Optics.

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