Ottolinger Necklaces

Renown for their anti-commercial and fearlessly destructive challenge to the luxury fashion industry, Christa Bösch and Cosima Gadient's Berlin-based brand Ottolinger does not cut corners when it comes to quality. Their unique hands-on, after-the-fact process of abstraction and deconstruction has quickly made them an intensely covetable designer menswear brand. The label's labor-intensive creations are held to the highest standards in couture quality and this is painfully evident when one simply examines the details: immaculately finished products are calculatedly slashed, ripped, and manipulated into bold new forms. The resulting re-assemblage represents an unlikely harmony between meticulous construction and the antithetical spirit of punk-tinged rebellion. Ottolinger defies uniformity by producing not only intricately detailed trousers and tops, but also scorched garments that feature carefully considered detailing. The label has a continuous output of menswear that pushes the unspoken boundaries of the designer world, separating their line from the pack with an air of disorderly seductiveness.

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