Kei Shigenaga Necklaces

After spending seven years as a foreigner in the United States and devoting part of that time to working as a silversmith in New York City, Japanese designer Kei Shigenaga decided to return to Japan to explore his own cultural heritage through the lens of contemporary luxury jewelry design. In 2015, Shigenaga paired up with creative director Wataru Shimosato to launch his namesake label: Kei Shigenaga. Based out of Tokyo, Kei Shigenaga produces each piece of jewelry by hand in his studio using the highest quality materials. One-of-a-kind sterling silver rings and bracelets are sculpted, polished, and occasionally dipped in 18-karat gold, with Shigenaga seeking to extract, or expose, the inherent beauty hidden within the material itself. With a focus on artisanal craftsmanship, Shigenaga returns to the slow processes of creation, bringing to life small everyday art objects that complement the movement of the wearer’s body. Delicate yet austere, each piece embraces this seemingly conflicting tension through which creative prowess is born.

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