GR-Uniforma Necklaces

GR-Uniforma emerges as the latest project by Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy. Established in June 2018, GR-Uniforma centers around the concept of community, of belonging to a group via a shared uniform. Intended as a multidisciplinary project, GR-Uniforma integrates art, music, photography, and fashion into its aesthetic discourse, with the end goal of lending itself to the creation of a gesamtkunstwerk (total work of art). Moving away from seasonal collections, Rubchinskiy instead envisions each collection as a ‘chapter’ belonging to a long, yet-to-be-completed play. Attempting to capture the essence of Russian youth and inspired by contemporary post-Soviet culture, Rubchinskiy seeks to define a streetwear uniform, albeit one that is never static⁠; the uniform, as it moves through time, is one that is forever evolving and transforming. GR-Uniforma’s utilitarian-inspired menswear line features panelled track pants, 80s-style windbreakers, patchworked denim, and oversized leather jackets. Accessories include bucket hats, socks, and belts emblazoned with logo prints in Cyrillic. Offering a uniform to all, Rubchinskiy invites everyone to take part in the community that is GR-Uniforma.

There are currently no products available for GR-Uniforma Necklaces.

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