Eyevan 7285 Necklaces

Originally founded in 1972, eyewear label Eyevan was known primarily in founder Kensuke Ishizu’s native Japan before a 1985 expansion secured global recognition. Their current moniker, Eyevan 7285, represents an imaginative rebuilding of the brand’s archives. In addition to revisiting vintage glasses, the new design team has distilled an array of influences – including telescopes, antique tools, and the architecture of Japanese temples – into contemporary optical styles. The brand’s production methods echo the diversity of their inspiration. Based in Sabae, a world leader in eyewear production, they benefit from cutting-edge techniques while relying on traditional craftsmanship. In variations of classic round and square shapes, frames owe their finely-hewn lines and exquisite fusion of metal and acetate to advanced construction methods, custom-made titanium parts, and an eye for simple refinement. This multiplicity of processes yields products in which the old and new combine, reflecting the unique spectrum of their Japanese heritage..

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