Alanui Necklaces

Expressing personal history and human connectedness through expert craftsmanship, designers Nicolò and Carlotta Oddi challenge throwaway fashion mentality with their luxury knitwear label, Alanui. Translating to ‘large path’ in Hawaiian language, the word ‘Alanui’ epitomizes the brand’s philosophy of adventure and self-discovery as its garments are influenced by the idyllic imagery and innumerable vibrant colors of the Oddis’ travels. Constructed from fine Italian cashmere and embellished with hand-woven tassels and fringes, Alanui’s signature piece—the buttonless oversized cardigan—is embedded with nostalgic memories of the familiar childhood blanket. With no direct association with gender or season, the unisex cardigan exemplifies the brand’s ethos of durability and malleability, granting its wearer a tangible recording of experiences made and emotions felt throughout a lifetime. Grounding the label’s creative inclinations, the individuality and sentimentality of the cardigan inspires a myriad of design paths, expanding Alanui’s breadth to include new inventive jacquard patterns, Japanese denim jackets, knitted cashmere track pants, and snug baja hoodies.

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