Designer women’s vests encompass the formal and off-duty, from classic prep layering pieces to steely cool technical sportswear. Pullover and buttoned versions in knit cotton, wool, and other heritage materials impart clean-cut, lighthearted airs, occasionally assisted by technicolor jacquard graphics and logo patternings. Down-filled quilted pieces are the quintessential après-ski outerwear staple, offering utilitarian warmth and breezy lifestyle-wear charm. Technical fabrics provide the canvas for military and performance wear-inspired pieces, taking details like quick press-release buckle fastenings, overlong straps, reflective trims, and embellished cargo pockets to effect an aura of tactical cool. Oversized tailoring and semi-sheer mesh accents reference streetwear and club counter-fashions. Denim vests, meanwhile, mine motorcycle and punk subculture signifiers, appropriating embroidered patches and distressing to impart a rebellious, turned-out persona. Sleeveless silhouette allows it to match well with a range of outfits, providing a strong center and imparting freedom of movement and complimentary optics for shirts and other tops.