Sport Shorts & Skirts

Encapsulating contemporary inclinations toward comfort, practicality, and refinement, sports shorts and skirts are apt for the diversified sartorial contexts in the modern woman’s life. While the exposed leg imparts a daring edge, streamlined silhouettes constructed from breathable Lycra jersey and plush cotton fleece offer the comfort and mobility coveted by women in the gym and in daily life. Though encompassing a wide range of styles, all varieties of sports shorts and skirts share a liberating spirit in virtue of their freedom-granting nature. A forerunner in the transcendence of traditional gender roles in fashion, the skort typifies this spirit by offering a full range movement while retaining a sense of formality under the guise of a skirt. Long since its radical inception, the skort continues to provide women with an ease of mobility through modernized iterations featuring form-flattering silhouettes and moisture-wicking fabrics. Elsewhere, bike shorts, made iconic by Princess Diana in the 90’s, are making a renaissance in the realm of streetwear. Dually modest and suggestive, the body-defining garment equips its wearer with a nonchalant elegance whether worn with chunky knitwear, a strappy heel, or as part of an activewear ensemble.