Long Skirts

Now definitively freed of all conservative associations, contemporary designer long skirts appear in a versatile, dynamic range of materials and styles. Distressing, cut-outs, and bi-material contrasted constructions embrace the free-form possibilities of the long skirt and the vicissitudes of hybridity in contemporary high-end fashion. Contour accenting bias cut skirts add slimming grace. Layered constructions add a dazzling disruption of linear silhouettes, with added volume and tactile interest acting as complimentary flourish. Asymmetric wrap skirts evoke a certain rarefied air of individual will and irreverence. Classic A-line silhouettes play with heritage conventions, with carefully and thoroughly of-the-moment detailing choices in varied materials like denim and patent leather. Wool and tweed styles in legacy herringbone and check patterns conjure up the collegiate spirit with de-centering cultural intentions. Ruffled trim and gathering adorn select semi-sheer chiffon pieces, finding a new avant-garde baroque ornamentalism. Garment-pleated fabrics move with an airy lightness and grant the wearer an uncanny future-facing grace.