Opulent materials featuring beautiful natural gems offer stunning silhouettes for the neckline in this season’s collection of fine necklaces for women. A delicately layered effect is revealed in the form of a bisected fine white gold chain strand host to exquisite and dainty half-moon diamond accents. Playing with tone, oxidized sterling silver interlocks with 14k yellow gold in a singular fine chain-link necklace, playing with expectations of luxury while showcasing the polarity of light and dark. A gorgeous row of white freshwater pearls inset in 14k yellow gold showcase their natural beauty and lustre as a pendant that sits close to the jewelry lover’s heart while the quiet glimmer of distressed sterling silver and gold miniature interlocking link pendants calls for a second glance of its unexpected, yet much invited allure. Timeless beauty mixes with modernist aesthetic to produce highly covetable pieces that transcend trend in this season’s collection of women’s fine jewelry.