The Loom Sweaters

Elided to near-invisibility amid the already largely opaque garment manufacturing cycle, the complex mechanical processes that make up modern textile production stem from the incremental perfection of the loom, a device whose utilization stretches back into the obscurest corners of history. To draw focus to these processes is to push away from conceiving of fashion as an inherently top-down, designer-directed phenomenon. This is the underlying intention behind The Loom, a Korean brand devoted to realizing a casual cosmopolitan aesthetic built upon a sincere desire to foreground fabrics in place of personalities. Seasonal collections offer a broad range of ready-to-wear, but The Loom specializes in exquisitely crafted full-length overcoats of wool and alpaca. Familiar detailing—double and single-breasted closures at the front, pin-buckle belt or simple self-tie sash fastenings at the waist—is tastefully played against exaggerated peaked lapel collars, gently flared cuffs, and oversized epaulets. In its address to the industry-craft, feminine-masculine dichotomies that characterize garment design and fabrication, The Loom proposes an individual-centric trend-resistant embrace of pleasures both visual and tactile.

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