Ernest Leoty Sport Bras

Inheriting the name from 19th century corset designer Ernest Leoty whose innovative designs championed freedom of movement over constriction, the contemporary activewear label founded by Marion Rabate adapts Leoty's principles to modern life. Equipped with an entrepreneurial drive and interests in ballet, lingerie, and couture, Rabate introduces an activewear brand focused on high-performance and unabashed femininity. Ernest Leoty proposes tailored sportswear pieces imbued with the inherent sensuality of corsets and lingerie while remaining chic, functional, and wearable even outside of athletic contexts. The brand's designs seamlessly integrate into a balanced lifestyle that's equally active and leisurely---a definite Parisian sensibility. Designed in France from high-performance olympic-grade fabrics, Ernest Leoty's collections include staples of activewear such as sports bras, crop tops, bodysuits, and leggings with quick-drying and moisture-wicking technologies. Corsets unmistakably make an appearance for a bicentennial full-circle moment.

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Ernest Leoty - Red Ariane Bra

Ernest Leoty

Red Ariane Bra


Ernest Leoty - Black Adele Bra

Ernest Leoty

Black Adele Bra