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Though rooted in a punk culture-inflected DIY spirit, UK-based jeweler Bunney is guided by a dutiful sense of craft that adds distinct edge to the current gamut of women’s accessories. Founded in 2009 by Andrew Bunney, the label debuted a set of minimalist pyramid stud-shaped pins which quickly cemented its reputation for highly-adaptable yet aesthetically inventive silver jewelry. Head-turning partnerships with Italian scooter make Vespa and British biker brand Lewis Leathers established Bunney’s willingness to venture down unexpected creative avenues, a sentiment that continues to prevail across the brand’s latest collections. With an inventive stylistic approach that coalesces functional hardware with jewelry’s luxe connotations, Bunney molds convention by reimagining utility-based ID tags and badges as if they forever belonged amongst the delicate staples of women’s jewelry. Straightforward bracelets and signet rings provide low-fuss accents to compliment everyday outfitting, while the label’s now-trademark pins are upheld as the in-the-know outfit flourish of choice. Adding subtle intricacies to timeless sterling silver pieces effectively communicates the label’s bigger-picture sense of experimentation, manifesting the ways in which Bunney inject playful rebellion into opulent women’s jewelry.

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Bunney - Silver Signet Ring


Silver Signet Ring