Coin Pouches

Designer women’s coin pouches offer the on-the-move user a compact, sleek, and perfectly task-specific accessory. With its small format necessitating careful design language and the most essential distillation of label aesthetics, the coin pouch provides a unique place for expressing a house’s identity. Appliqués, studs, carved graphics, embossed logos and other accents provide key points of visual interest, as signature elements of label style are communicated with the greatest possible concision. Premium materials including croc-embossed calfskin, grained leather, and coated textiles provide the backdrop, with each carrying unique optical and tactile interests. Zip-around designs ensure security and functionality, while also guiding the hand of design as form and function merge. Molded, sculptural detailing, intarsia patterns, and embossing feature in select pieces, providing avant-garde flourishes that stretch the format of the coin pouch and its contingencies of use. Geometric, classic pieces offer simple sophistication and discretion, while more ornamental designs provide an opportunity for individual expression.