Given the ongoing infiltration of design aesthetics into casual lifestyles, it makes perfect sense that home goods like towels have become increasingly fair game for designer clothing brands. For those seeking aesthetic wholeness, continuity in look from the street and office to the beach and bath, a bold jacquard knit or discretely labelled towel from a high-end house is an easy ideal. Bold, streetwear-accompanying designs pledge allegiance to brands of choice, imparting optics of preference to any outing to the beach, park, or pool. Eye-catching primary and otherwise bright colors favor the ongoing wave of 90’s revivalism observable across the designer fashion landscape, from footwear to casualwear, while more subdued minimal and monochrome pieces allow for zen-like simplicity to prevail. In any event, it is certainly true that a well-constructed, premium comfort moisture-wicking terrycloth towel is a simple must for any serious self-carer, and the added appeal of totalized personal aesthetic is certainly tempting.