Passport Holders

In this frictionless age of city-to-city movement, a passport is beyond indispensable, making the passport holder a key item in contemporary men’s kit. High-end designer offerings have adapted to our fluid, globalized reality, bringing forth material and layout options to suit all lifestyle contexts and personal inclinations. Bifold variants provide easy access while zippered designs opt for totalizing security. Slim and flexible textile and leather versions make for lightweight, straightforward functionality and lend themselves towards aesthetic minimalism. Rigid, structured pieces provide size and space for added compartments, allowing for the storing of documents, cards, notes, and other complimentary items. From the hotel concierge and airport, check-in to immigration control and the local bar, a thoughtfully designed passport holder makes the brandishing and storing of a passport into an elegant moment, signalling a sense of poise and providing for expression of individual preference. In line with the luxury fashion world’s move towards reimagining practical accessories with a studied eye, the classically utilitarian item continues to update and evolve season to season.