Flip Flops

The flip flop’s primitive, bare-bones structure can be traced back to the genesis of footwear itself, and has since prevailed alongside its complexified sandal counterparts. Though it now almost exclusively conjures an image of beachside abandon, the latest variety of men’s flip flops adapts the style to urban life. Relied upon for their travel-friendly, packable silhouette, flip-flops have been a longstanding travel necessity in spite of their oft-derided, anti-fashion status. Designer renditions play against this shoe style’s reputation, employing high-end upgrades such as leather uppers and carefully-molded footbeds to add a dimension of luxury to an otherwise marginalized piece of footwear. Minimal design opportunities give way to inventive alternatives to the sandal’s signature v-shaped straps, with layered variations complemented by detailed soles in attempt to secure maximal impact from limited space. The most effortless of estival footwear options, the straightforward functionality of the flip-flop is unrivaled.