Spalwart Low Top Sneakers

Spalwart co-founders Christoffer Battin and Fredrik Johansson set out to establish their own footwear brand in 2010, inspired by a chance visit to a disused Slovakian shoe factory where they discovered long-forgotten 1950s-era shoe moulds and machinery. Seeking to merge historic production processes with contemporary innovation, the label’s high-top and low-top sneakers preserve the idiosyncrasies of artisanal production while incorporating industry leading high-tech materials. Cutting-edge nylons, luxurious calfskin linings, and individually vulcanized treaded rubber soles combine to birth a brand-new vision of the sneaker. Focused on the principles of authentic craftsmanship and forward-thinking product development, Spalwart manufactures exclusively in European factories, incorporating small-scale, long-running manufacturers. In recent years, the Spalwart brand has expanded into casual and streetwear staples, fleshing out its past-meets-present essence across a range of tops, trousers, and accessories.

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