Boramy Viguier Low Top Sneakers

Parisian-born designer Boramy Viguier creates utilitarian menswear that pays homage to the esoteric. After interning under designer Lucas Ossendrijver at Lanvin, Viguier launched his namesake label in 2017. Drawing inspiration from influences such as Tarot cards and the wordless cinema of Godfrey Reggio, Viguier's designs speak with a bold visual vocabulary. His interpellation of arcane iconography grants his garments a totemic power as icons in their own right, infusing them with a spiritual dimension. Sportswear-inspired nylon vests, trousers, and pullovers express a sense of quotidian ease, while elevated plays on tailored jackets and shirting suggest elegant imagined military traditions. Inventive uses of zippers, pockets, and plackets round out his pieces with welcome splashes of functional flourish. Prizing the emotional over the literal, Boramy Viguier’s clothing is made up of both material and immaterial, fantasy as well as fabric.

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