Biker & Combat Boots

Straightforward and contextually fluid through and through, combat and biker boots unite sleek leatherwork with a rich, signifier-heavy history. While the former’s martial origins would find them later adapted to the tactical embellishments that defined counterculture outfitting, the latter’s tightly-bound associations to biker culture befits the silhouette with an intrinsic sense of outsiderdom. Underscoring this connoted attitude, designer combat and biker boots propose subtle upgrades to the relatively straightforward styles by way of silhouette and fabrication. Ductile, pristine leather uppers and robust rubber soles yield appealingly straightforward combat boots that provide aesthetic and functional viability in equal measure. Extended collar heights gesture towards reimagined goth aesthetics, while hybridized low-cut renditions offer a welcome digression for sneaker-based footwear lines. Similarly, elevated biker boots add a layer of sophistication to a typically rugged boot style, all the while gesturing towards an idea of luxury that is inherent in a structure conceived to withstand heavy, everyday use. As subtly edgy yet ultimately unobtrusive footwear options, combat and biker boots are a dependable addition to a contemporary, seasonally-ambiguous footwear rotation.