The North Face Black Series Skirts

While roots in mountaineering have shaped The North Face’s performance-based identity, the clear-headed nature of its design principles have effortlessly aligned its name with streetwear’s bare-bones inclinations. The label’s Kazuki Kuraishi-designed Black Series is a meditation on the pliability of the label’s fundamentals, pushing the building blocks of element-braving outerwear to new potentialities. Drawing unexpected parallels between sharply-tailored womenswear and the functionality of winter-ready design, The North Face Black Series casts skirts, trousers, and bodysuits in technical fabrics. Though a monochromatic color story coats the collection in understated severity, delicate touches are introduced by way of pleats and gathered hems, asserting Kazuki Kuraishi’s ease with the vernacular of women’s apparel. By emancipating The North Face from the context of means-to-end outerwear, the Black Series hints at the label’s ability to occupy other corners of the womenswear landscape.

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