Nensi Dojaka Jackets

A recent graduate of Central Saint Martins, Albanian designer, Nensi Dojaka, launched her namesake label while completing her BA at the London College of Fashion in 2017. Exploring notions of strength and vulnerability, Dojaka’s luxury womenswear line encapsulates the essence of female nature. At once fragile and severe, Dojaka’s garments embody this dichotomy through the very method of their construction: layers of juxtaposing mesh fabrics have been panelled together to create a sense of strength through texture, volume, shadow, and depth. The designer’s form-fitting pieces—namely her lingerie-inspired bike shorts, dresses, and tops—feature exposed seams that unexpectedly break and extend throughout each garment. In so doing, Dojaka, by disobeying the established principles of balance, proportion, and design, pays homage to the distorted female body as explored by the Surrealist artists of the twentieth century. Challenging conventional notions of female beauty, Dojaka’s expertly crafted asymmetric and deconstructed designs speak to an emotional intensity that is powerful in its raw sensuality.

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