Matteau Bags

In spite of its modernist cachet, minimalism can seem to readily devolve into indiscernible anonymity. And yet, a call for simplicity is surely not a call for compromise. The use-case of swimwear demands a certain pared-back design in order to deliver ample territory for exuberant utilization. In Matteau, sisters Ilona Hamer and Peta Heinsen leverage classic geometries—triangles, squares, and arcs—into the broad range of accommodating cuts that make up their line of Australian-made swimwear. One-piece maillots and interchangeable tops and briefs, all fabricated in a quick-drying stretch nylon, are offered in a recurring neutral palette punctuated by season-specific floral prints. Defined by devotion to integrity in manufacturing and aesthetic, Matteau’s fluid swimsuit topology flawlessly complements the world’s sun-kissed spaces and the bodies that inhabit them.

There are currently no products available for Matteau Bags.

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