Kreist Jackets

Proximity to youth culture and attention to wearability have bolstered KREIST’s movement to the forefront of womenswear. As the latest project by elusive Central Saint Martin alumnus Krzysztof Strozyna, KREIST succeeds in marrying the tropes of Eastern European fashion to an unironic embrace of Western pop culture. Statement outerwear makes bold use of denim and leather, with a deep-seated appreciation of the former paying unexpected homage to the iconography of retro Americana. Skillfully evading the kitschiness of these associations, KREIST approaches their showy overtones with remarkable nuance, proposing silhouettes whose bold femininity transcends imposing proportions. The dramatic flair of these adaptive designs can be moderated by their wearer, showcasing a commitment to the self-professed ‘easy-to-wear’ mission statement on which the KREIST label was founded.

There are currently no products available for Kreist Jackets.

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