Arch The Skirts

Citing both Eastern and Western influences in her design process, founder and creative director Joo Eunsil presents a cohesive vision of minimalism through Arch The. Having studied in Japan and Canada before undertaking fashion design, Eunsil incorporates elements from disparate global origins into a showcase of aesthetic leanings from her native Korea. Arch The’s amalgam of diversified sentiments culminates in a stripped-down design ethos centered on comfort, quality, and simplicity. Utilizing luxe fabrications of organza to lightweight cashmere and pure cotton weaves in muted, neutral tones, the label’s expression of lavishness is both tactile and aesthetic. Arch The gestures towards contemporary notions of femininity through of-the-moment design features—low scoop necklines illustrate refined sensuality while puff sleeves exude a romantic flair. Designing with the self-assured yet enigmatic woman in mind, Arch The offers a cross-cultural aesthetic that emanates effortless sophistication.

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