All Blues Skirts

Longtime friends Fredrik Nathorst and Jacob Skragge founded Stockholm-based label All Blues in 2010, using it as a conduit to express their refreshingly directional, highly personal approach to fine jewelry. Achieving a subtly idiosyncratic interpretation of Scandinavian minimalism, the house’s raw hand-carved textures and captivating geometries manage to elevate familiar clean-lined designs to uncanny new heights, experimenting with eclectic forms and unusual proportions. Unmistakable tactile qualities appear as a key trope, with textural brushed 18k gold vermeil and .925 sterling silver pieces contrasted with polished counterparts. All precious metals are locally sourced, and all pieces are handcrafted exclusively in Sweden, ensuring ethical, vertically integrated production. All Blues’ perfectly unisex, neutral pieces present in delicately sculpted, enigmatic minimalist designs, bringing everyday geometric forms to uncharted endpoints. Compellingly simple hoop earrings, fine necklaces and cuff bracelets work alone or alongside other label offerings, easily accompanying any ensemble, all while radiating an ethereal and exquisite otherworldly beauty.

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