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Taking its namesake from the Crimean Tatar phrase for “classic bags”, women’s handbag label Aesther Ekme was founded in 2016 by creative director Stephane Park. Born in São Paulo and currently living in Copenhagen, Park draws much of her creative ethos from the principles of Brazilian Brutalism and Scandinavian minimalism, likening handbag design to architecture and industrial design—the arts of merging form with function, of distilling complex considerations into simplicity of form. The brand’s leather handbags embody a purity of design: its Mini Sac shoulder bag, Barrel bag, and Sac tote characterized by sleek lines, subtle branding, and a distinctive lack of hardware. Designed for the everyday woman, Aesther Ekme’s bags are crafted with careful consideration to functional aspects including weight, proportion, and ease-of-wear. Luxe and discrete, utterly modern yet timeless, Park’s handbags blend seamlessly into the existing wardrobe of the discerning modern woman.

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Aesther Ekme - Black Square Sac Tote

Aesther Ekme

Black Square Sac Tote