Oakley by Samuel Ross Clothing

Samuel Ross from A-COLD-WALL* has teamed with the venerable Oakley brand to deliver a special capsule collection, one that sees abstract elements of his signature style blended with the American brand’s technical prowess and singular vision. Appropriately debuted at the 2018 CIFF RAVEN Special Projects in Copenhagen, Oakley by Samuel Ross works at the intersection of art and fashion, pushing a holistic vision for the post-formal future of apparel. The collaboration represents an experiment in unique material combinations and innovative production techniques, taking full advantage of Oakley’s long history of breakthrough research and development. Timely performance wear, sunglasses, and accessories melt the borders between pragmatism and ornamentation. Juxtapositions of hard and soft, the aged and the pristine, and flowing and compacted silhouettes appear as the consequences of collaboration, as the swaggering zeitgeist of London street fashion is brought into fascinating, if not unexpected, dialogue with the streamlined design language of Oakley.

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