Miharayasuhiro Sweatpants

Designer Mihara Yasuhiro founded his eponymous label in Tokyo in 1997, quickly rising to prominence for his unique, unexpected ideas and playful, out-of-the-box thematic twists on classic menswear staples. A graduate of Tama Art University’s textile design program, Mihara gained initial notoriety for his inventive shoe designs, later bringing his precise acumen for fit and inventive fabric choices to bear in fully fledged clothing lines. Incorporating an eclectic arsenal of expert tailoring, custom prints, unique luxury treatments, and a witty, singular use of asymmetry, his designs offer a genuinely new, compelling optics for men's high-fashion. Thoughtful and casually urbane, Miharayasuhiro continues to be a label to watch.

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Miharayasuhiro - Black Docking Lounge Pants


Black Docking Lounge Pants