Mackintosh 0003

Iconic U.K. heritage brand Mackintosh became known for their waterproof rubberized garments in the early 19th century. As this new technology, patented by Scottish chemist Charles Macintosh, evolved to become more practical for everyday use, Mackintosh coats became a mainstay among the British Army and police force. Today, the brand continues their tradition of handcrafted quality without compromise. Mackintosh 0002, a new collection headed by emerging designer and Central Saint Martins grad Kiko Kostadinov, fuses authentic construction methods with sleek and directional design. Simple yet refined, the collection is rendered exclusively in black, to better reveal the designer’s distinctive silhouettes. Traditional rubber tape, typically used to form a watertight seal on raincoat seams, is reinterpreted as a minimalist design element that harkens back to the label’s utilitarian roots while referencing sportswear styles. Well-matched trench coats and trousers suggest the classic uniform, streamlined to suit contemporary needs.